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Project Management Dashboard

From the home page, users can access projects, backlogs, sprints, story boards, assigned tasks, and view their capacity load by project.

Team Member List

Team Members

Maintain a global list of all team members. This is a master list of all employees that can be added and/or removed from various projects.

Project List

Project Detail

Maintain a lif os all project initiatives that your company has worked on, or is currenly developing. Every project can then be managed with sprints, stories, tasks, project members, and more.

Project Sprints

Project Sprints

For every project, maintain a list of sprints independent of other projects. Sprints are a concept of agile, which allows companies to break down product development by time period.

Project Backlog

Story Backlog

For each project, maintain a list of all the stories/features that need to be implemented. This list is not associated with any specific sprints, you can think of it as a pool of all the stories to be implemented, and then you can assign these stories to sprints.

Sprint Stories

Story Board

A story board is a back log for a specific sprint. From the story board, users can maintain stories, add and assign tasks to developers, QA personnel, UI designed, etc. The story board is the work area for a particular sprint so that progress and goals for the sprint can be tracked and adjusted if necessary.

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